For Members:

SCA (Australia) Memberships: Membership of the SCA (Australia) supports the mundane legalities we need, such as public liability insurance so we can hire venues for events, the upkeep on the Royal regalia, the travel fund for Royalty for each reign, and to obtain legal advice as required.  Membership allows you to vote on important issues, receive the Kingdom newsletter every month, and you also get the warm fuzzy feeling of supporting the game we all love.  Please use this link for renewals as well.

Shire of Adora meeting minutes: Shire meetings are held approximately monthly, with meeting minutes are published on this page.

For Event Stewards:

Firstly thank you for offering to run an event. The links below will help you with the running of the event.

Shire of Adora Event Proposal: This form allows you to enter all your event details using Microsoft Word. When ready, you can show it to the group council for discussion and approval, along with your event budget spreadsheet.

Lochac Online Event Form: This electronic form submits your event details to the Lochac calendar, the Pegasus newsletter, and sends an official notice to the Lochac Announce mailing list. Please only use this after the event has approval from the Seneschal and group council.

SCA Public Liability Insurance: This policy is renewed each year in May. You are likely to be asked for this when you hire any hall or venue for an event. Contact the Reeve for access to the latest SCA Certificate of Currency.

Event Stewards Handbook: This is a great help for those who are new to running a feast or event. There are also some relevant articles in the Barony of Ildhafn.

Event attendance (sign-in) forms, and request to participate and indemnity forms may be found on the Kingdom of Lochac constable page.

For Officers:

Kingdom Calendar. The Kingdom requires officers to do reporting. The Kingdom calendar amongst other things includes when all Shire (& Baronial) and College (& Cantons & incipient group) reports are due.

Shire Officers Reporting Calendar. The Kingdom requires officers to do reporting. This Kingdom maintained calendar lists specifically when Shire (& Baronial) reports are due.

Key Dates Cheat-sheet to be used as a quick reference for Officers and Event Stewards

Decision-Making and Planning Processes: This document gives definitions and explains the processes for running activities and events in the Shire of Adora.

For Payments of Shire Funds:

Any fund related documentation must be submitted to the current Reeve. Please use the Contact Us Page to contact our Reeve.

Requests for Release of Funds:

Payment Request Form: To request the Shire make an online bank transfer to pay for an approved expense.
For example, to pay for the hire of a venue. Or, to request a reimbursement of expenses you have already incurred.
For example, to reimburse you for money you spent when stewarding a Shire event.

Cash Advance Request Form: To request an advance of funds to spend on an approved purpose.
For example, cash to purchase food before an event; or to buy an item for the Shire using your own credit/debit card.

Notification of Input of Funds: Use this form to report deposits of funds into the Shire’s bank account.

For people who need to print and fill in forms by hand:

It is preferred that people use the digital forms provided above. However, here are PDF versions of the Shire’s Event Proposal and Fund Request forms if they are required:

Event Proposal PDF
Payment Request PDF
Cash Advance Request PDF