Shire of Adora Coat of ArmsKingdom of Lochac Coat of ArmsThe Shire of Adora – the land of the dragons – covers the whole NSW south coast region. The Adoran dragon’s head stretches up into the Macarthur and Sutherland shire areas; its body lies along the Illawarra and Shoalhaven coast; and its tail winds down beyond Eurobodalla, all the way to the border of Victoria. The Illawarra escarpment and Southern Highlands are its spiny back, and the fiery steelworks at Port Kembla is its flaming breath!

You can see Frank and Daffyd, our red and gold dragons, adorning our heraldic device to the left.

We are a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), in the Kingdom of Lochac, which is a worldwide society that aims to reproduce the arts and culture of many pre-1600th century civilisations. Our goal is to recreate activities that may have occurred within this time period, including dress, food, combat and art. We are a diverse group, with interests in many aspects of the SCA, including fighters, dancers, tailors, cooks, crafters and more… so we’re sure you’ll find something you’ll enjoy!

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