2005 Flametree Ball - A&S Competition

Members of the SCA practice many arts and sciences throughout the Knowne World. Lords and Ladies alike devote their time to A&S in many forms – if it was done in the Middle Ages or during the Renaissance, someone may be doing it now!

Arts and sciences include costuming, embroidery, brewing, cooking, dancing, music, leatherwork and more. Members of the SCA both research and study arts and crafts of the period, and practice crafts themselves.

Please use the Contact Us Page to contact our arts and sciences officer for further information about arts and sciences in the Shire of Adora, or visit our blog for resources and recent projects. Then come along to our regular activities to work on your projects with like-minded Shire members.

Arts and Sciences in the Shire of Adora

Other Arts and Sciences Resources

2013 Traditional Crafts Weekend - Costume