Dance Practices

The College of St Malachy’s regularly scheduled dance practices are temporarily cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions. Please contact the Seneschal of the College of St Malachy if you want to know more about dance practices generally.

Feasts and Fighting throughout the seasons…

NB: All Adoran events have been temporarily cancelled until after the Covid-19 restrictions are officially lifted.

Flametree Ball

Our signature Autumn ball held in the Northern realms of the Shire (Illawarra) for over 21 years running. Come for a night of music and medieval dances – both the stately and elegant, and the lively and rollicking – combined with a delicious buffet.

Cold War

A long Wintery weekend of battle and brawn, classes and camping, a friendly feast and plenty of fun; held high on the escarpment of the Northern realms of the Shire (Illawarra).

Feast of Four Winds

Celebrate the Springtime with a traditional medieval feast in the Mid-realms of the Shire (Shoalhaven). Some fighting for fun, arts & sciences competitions and plenty to eat! See Feast of Four Winds for more information, or contact the organisers here.

Tourney by the Sea

A medieval tournament in the heart of the Summer. Heavy-armoured and Rapier combat by the beautiful beaches of the Southern realms of the Shire (Eurobodalla) followed by a lively feast! Visit our contacts page for bookings and inquiries.

NB: All Adoran events are cancelled until after the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions are lifted.