Office Office Holder Since
Hauptmann Jochen Schwalbe (he/him) September 2023
Arts and Sciences Canon Lore link The Honourable Lord Ælfred se leof May 2023
Canon Lore link Lord Brian le faucheeur (he/him) October 2020
(First aid officer)
Canon Lore link Micha of Adora (he/him) May 2023
Captain of Archers Canon Lore link Hauptmann Jochen Schwalbe (he/him) December 2021
Armoured Combat Marshal Drystan Wythes (he/him) June 2022
  Rapier Marshal Canon Lore link Lord Micha of Adora (he/him) September 2020
  Quartermaster Hrodebert (he/him) December 2021

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