Saturday 18th March 2023, 11:30am – 4:00pm

Come lounge by the lake or heat up in the crucible of combat, at the Sea Dragon’s Picnic!

Nestled amongst the reeds of Burrill Lake you will find a mighty midday picnic worthy of such an opulent fire-breathing host and their dark minions; the Denizens of Adora.

After lunch the combat begins with heavy and rapier William Marshall tournies; the champions of which shall enter a jomswikinger battle and be named the Dragon’s Grand Champion, and thus be awarded with the Dragon’s golden hoard.

Event begins 11:30am
Luncheon at 12:15pm
Armour inspections commence 1:00pm
Tournament from 1:45pm until close (around 4pm)

$65 per family (2 adults and their non-adult dependents)
$25 per person
$20 under 18s
$15 under 12s
Under 5s free
(Non-member fees: +$10 adults, +$5 under 18s)

Bookings officer: Hrodebert Wendelason
To book, please use the google form:

Bookings are required and all payments must be made by before 12th March 2023.
Upon receipt of your booking request, we will send the details to make an EFT payment.

If you find you cannot attend the event, please let us know as soon as possible before the event date. Refunds will be given at any time in cases of emergency, injury, sickness or Covid-like symptoms. For any other reason, a refund will be arranged if you let us know by the booking date.

For further information, please contact the event steward: Æthelflæd of the WildSeas.
For inquiries about the tournaments, please contact the event marshal: Drystan Wythes.