Arms of the Shire of AdoraFriday 1st to Sunday 3rd September 2023

Robertson Showground
2315 Kangaloon Road,
Robertson, NSW 2577

On behalf of the Shire of Adora, the Honourable Lord Maelgwn ap Merlin invites you to a weekend of fun, frivolity and fighting.

Bear witness, either in person or online, as Gentles of the Greatest Honour enter the list field to fight for the Crown of Lochac!

Event Timetable:

Fri 3:00pm – Site opens
Fri 5:30pm – Soup kitchen
Fri (After Dinner) – Bardic Circle, Herald’s Meeting with Nimue and a Rolling Collegium with Bella

Sat 7:30am – Breakfast
Sat 8:45am – Marshal’s Meeting with Sir Mari
Sat 9:00am – Armour inspections and warm-ups
Sat 10:00am – Opening Court and Invocation
Sat 11:00am – Crown Tournament commences
Sat 12:00pm – Grazing lunch
Sat 2:00pm – Investiture of Heirs (estimated time)
Sat 5:00pm – Evening Court
Sat 6:00pm – Feast begins

Sun 7:30am – Breakfast
Sun 8:30am – Markets set-up
Sun 9:00 am – Markets open, and Rapier inspections commence
Sun 10:00am – Rapier Tournament + Rose Tournament + Archery
Sun 11:30am – MoD’s Meeting
Sun 12:00pm – Lunch, plus Council of Purse/Regalia Meeting
Sun 1:00pm – Closing Court
(Pack-up by 5pm)

Shuttle Service to Crown:

Greetings to All,
At Spring Crown this year, we will have a shuttle service available to those coming by train. Please let us know if you intend to arrive this way so that we may cater to your needs.
The shuttle will pick you up from Moss Vale station. The trip to site will be around 20 minutes each way. If there are too many people on a particular train, we will have to do multiple trips so please let us know in advance so we can avoid as many delays in getting you to the event as possible.
YIS, Lady Catarina Ysabella Leoni
Senior Executive, Crown Transportation Services

Spring Crown Arts and Sciences Competition:

The Kingdom Arts and Sciences competition topics for Spring Crown AS 58 are:

    • Restful
    • Metal
    • Near the millennium (9th – 12th century)

Please see the Lochac Arts and Sciences Competitions page for guidance on entering.
Entries open on Friday and will be judged on Saturday afternoon.

Event Prices and Bookings Information:

Bookings are now closed!

Adult Minor
(8 to 18)
(Under 8)
Full Event: $120.00 $60.00 $30.00 $110.00
Saturday only (including feast): $60.00 $30.00 $15.00 $60.00
Sunday only: $40.00 $20.00 $10.00 $40.00

Family rates are also available. Please contact the Bookings Officer to inquire about other booking variations.
Note that this is a camping-only event (no dormitories), but there are accommodation options available in Robertson. Powered camping sites are available for those that need it.

To book for Spring Crown please email
In your email please include the following:
  • First and last name
  • SCA name
  • Membership number (if applicable)
  • Attendance intentions (e.g. full event, day trip, or other)
  • Any dietary requirements
  • Any mobility issues
  • Any medical conditions we should know about

Bookings are required by Sunday 20th August 2023. Upon receipt of your booking request, we will send banking details for payment. We prefer payments made by EFT by this date but contact the bookings officer if alternate arrangements need to be made. Late bookings may be made, but payment information must be shown for attendance. Refunds will be given in cases of emergency, injury, sickness or Covid-like symptoms.

Crown Tournament Participant Details:

Saturday 2nd September

Who may enter:

  • Any currently authorised armoured fighter, whatever their status or experience, partnered with a consort.
  • You must be 18 years or older on Sept 2nd.
  • Both participants must be acceptable to the Crown.

Tournament Format:

  • All weapon forms acceptable to armoured combat on a tournament field.
  • If the number of combatants is less than 12: round robin format.
  • If there are more than 12 combatants: single kill, triple elimination.

How to enter:

  • Send a Letter of Intent to the Crown by August 14th  (NB: see “Crown Requirements” below)
  • Letter may be sent via email to, or presented to the Crown at a Royal event   (see )
  • Please append contact details for both participants: e.g. SCA/mundane names; email/phone number; preferred titles/pronouns; membership and authorisation periods.

Legal requirements:

  • A current SCA membership
  • Be willing/able to obtain/maintain a passport throughout the reign.
  • Must swear to attend the subsequent three Crown events (Spring Coronation, March Crown, May Coronation).
  • Must be willing to swear fealty to Lochac for the duration of the reign.

Crown Requirements:

  • Appropriate heraldic display upon the field and for Invocation Court: e.g. banners/standards/merki, painted shields, tabards/livery, covered mundanities, etc.
  • Letters of Intent: simple emails are acceptable, but Their Majesties would be Greatly Pleased to see impressive words, artistry, presentations, or character, and will select the best for display at Spring Crown. Some potentially helpful ideas with examples and images can be found here:  and 

Strong recommendations:

NB: This event will be live-streamed. Expect social media coverage.

To ask about information which is not on this page please contact the Steward or Booking Officer for Spring Crown Tournament 2023 via the web-form at