Flametree Ball 2016

The shire of Adora invites you to attend our annual Flametree Ball. Put on your best frock and dance until your feet are sore! Supper will be served throughout the night. The event will also feature a Bardic competition, and a heavy tournament.
  • Date: Saturday 30th of July, 2016
  • Time: 5:30 pm
  • Location: Unanderra Community Centre, 140 Princess Hwy, Unanderra, NSW, 2526
Images of dances and musicians are from Ernest Flammarion's 1935 French publication Danse by Francis de Miomandre

Images of dances and musicians are from Ernest Flammarion's 1935 French publication Danse by Francis de Miomandre

Flametree location


    If booked and paid by Friday 22nd July...
  • Adults: $30
  • Children (5-15): $15
  • Children (under 5):free
  • Musicians: $15
    At the door...
  • Adults: $35
  • Children (5-15): $20
  • Children (under 5):free
  • Musicians: $20
    Non members add $5 to each price (including children).
    Bookings can be made by emailing Lady Phaedra de Courcelles at adorabookings@gmail.com. Payment is essential to confirm your booking, and needs to be made by the 22nd July to secure the cheaper rate.

Heavy Tournament

  • Time: Setup/Inspection from 2 pm for a 2:30 pm start.
All authorised fighters are welcome to participate. Spectators are encouraged.

Dance Practice

  • Time: 3:00 pm AEST
Due to time constraints we will be unable to teach the dances during the ball. For those who wish to learn, several of the dances which we will be playing through the night will be taught prior to the ball during the afternoon. We also encourage dancers to attend or organise dance practice in their local group. For details of Adoran dance practice, please email Phaedra at adorabookings@gmail.com

Bardic Competition

Calling all mistrels, bards, poets and performers!!! Please share with us the glow which burns bright inside you. Performances can be of any nature, we only ask that they be kept to no more than 2 minutes in length. There will be a signup sheet at the front desk for those who wish to enter. Performances will be staggered throughout the night.

Dance Sets

Please note this list is subject to change.

Set 1

  • Court Set - Known World four
    • Known World Pavane
    • Known World Galliard
    • Jouyessance Vous Donneray
    • Tourdion
  • Hearts Ease

Set 2

  • Rufty Tufty
  • Gelosia - Lords then Ladies
  • Chestnut
  • Simple Bransle
  • The Wherligig

Set 3

  • Ballo Del Fiore (Il Ballarino)
  • Cutte Bransles
    • Cassandra
    • Pinagay
    • La Guerre
    • Aridan
  • Lorayne Allemande
  • Contentezza d'Amore

Set 4

  • Petit Vriens
  • Picking of Sticks
  • La Castellana
  • Bransle de l'Official (Officers Bransle)
  • Sergeants Bransles (Unofficial Bransle)
  • Upon a Summers Day

Set 5

  • The Merry Merry Milke Maids
  • Horses Bransles (then Sharks)
  • Sharks(Horses Bransles Variation)
  • Korobushka
  • Gathering Peascods

Set 6

  • Ly Bens Distonys
  • Grimstock
  • Saltarello La Regina
  • Millisons Jig
  • Rostiboli Gioioso

Set 7

  • Black Allemande
  • Amoroso
  • Newcastle
  • Goddesses

Set 8

All Requests, including repeat dances until ball closes

Set Intermission

Jenny Plucks Partners at the end of one set

Omnia – Monthly Shire Day

Omnia Cover Latin for 'everything', Omnia is Adora's monthly event where you can do everything! A&S workshops, archery, heavy fighting, rapier, cooking, dancing etc all in the one location. This is a garbed event with a pot luck lunch so please bring a plate to share. Cost: Members $15 Non nembers $20 Kids <16 free (non member children $5) For other prices please enquire Bookings are not necessary. Any enquiries please contact the steward Lady Phaedra de Courcelles (Emily McMahon) at lady_phedre@hotmail.com Location: Kum Ba Yah Girl Guide Camp, Mt Keira Rd, Mt Keira Please note it is NOT the scout camp. It is lower down the mountain, opposite the archery range. Follow the driveway all the way to the end. guide camp map Omnia is held on the last Sunday of the month. Dates for 2015 are Aug 30, Sept 27, Oct 25 and Nov 15 (November date has been brought forward to not clash with another event).

Newcomer’s feast of Adora

newcomers mapGood day all gentles, we seek to invite all to the feast of Newcomer's feast, hosted by the College of St Malachy, and the Shire of Adora. The day is expected to be one for all those who wish to find out and enjoy what it is to be a Scadian.
Date: Saturday the 21st of March Time: 5:30 pm (Please note the first remove will be served at 6pm) Location: 1st Dapto Scout Hall, 28 Baan St, Dapto. Costs:
  • SCA Member: $20
  • Non-SCA Member: $25
To book please email adorabookings@gmail.com  

Garb Up

Please note if you don't have anything to wear, there will be a tunic making workshop at 10am on the day to find out more please review the flyer here