Flametree Ball 2015

Good populace of Lochac, we celebrate the Flametree ball in Adora and invite all to attend. The night
Images of dances and musicians are from Ernest Flammarion's 1935 French publication Danse by Francis de Miomandre

Images of dances and musicians are from Ernest Flammarion's 1935 French publication Danse by Francis de Miomandre

will be an event of merriment and enjoyment, with a light supper being provided over the night, and many dances to be had. With this event of fun, the good Shire of Adora will be hosting a Rapier Tournament and Bardic Competition to delight and entertain, for both the populace, as well those proficient with the blade and verse. For details of the festivities please see below:

Rapier Tournament

  • Date: Saturday 16th of May, 2015
  • Time: Setup/Inspection Time from 14:00 (2pm) for start 14:30 (2:30pm) AEST
  • Where: Bulli Masonic Hall, 286 Princess Hwy, Bulli, NSW, 2516
To those who wish to test their Metal, we do entreat those to attend and display their prowess on the field, with sword, dagger, cane and the like.

Dance Practice

  • Date: Saturday 16th of May, 2015
  • Time: 15:00 (3:00pm) AEST
  • Where: Bulli Masonic Hall, 286 Princess Hwy, Bulli, NSW, 2516
Throughout the night we shall enjoy many dances, though as we all understand that some of use are born with two left feet, there will be practice before the Ball for those who wish to learn several of the dances which we will be playing through the night. Please do note that due to the time constraints we will be unable to teach during the ball. Please attend the dance practice during the afternoon to learn to dance a number of dances for the evening. If you wish to organize earlier practices, please send an email to adorabookings@gmail.com.

Bardic Competition

  • Date: Saturday 16th of May, 2015
  • Time: Throughout the night
  • Where: Bulli Masonic Hall, 286 Princess Hwy, Bulli, NSW, 2516
From the beginning of the night, we invite any to enter the Shire of Adora's bardic competition. We ask for a piece that is of either writing, recital of performance to be showed off, and the only limitation we ask is that it be of no more then 2 minutes. Please minstrels, bards, poets and gentles, shower us with your work and share with us the glow which burns bright inside you.

FlameTree Ball

  • Date: Saturday 16th of May, 2015
  • Time: 17:30 (05:30pm) AEST
  • Where: Bulli Masonic Hall, 286 Princess Hwy, Bulli, NSW, 2516
The big event of our Shire which we call all to attend, with both your presence and enjoyment. The night will be provided with a light supper which will be served through out the night, and is sure to tantalize your palletes with the delectable flavours of our cooks. From 18:30 (6:30 pm) AEST (or around about there) we will begin the dancing. The dances which will be done throughout the night can be seen below:

Set 1

  • Court Set - Known World four
    • Known World Pavane
    • Known World Galliard
    • Jouyessance Vous Donneray
    • Tourdion
  • Hearts Ease

Set 2

  • Rufty Tufty
  • Gelosia - Lords then Ladies
  • Chestnut
  • Simple Bransle
  • The Wherligig

Set 3

  • Ballo Del Fiore (Il Ballarino)
  • Cutte Bransles
    • Cassandra
    • Pinagay
    • La Guerre
    • Aridan
  • Lorayne Allemande
  • Contentezza d'Amore

Set 4

  • Petit Vriens
  • Picking of Sticks
  • La Castellana
  • Bransle de l'Official (Officers Bransle)
  • Sergeants Bransles (Unofficial Bransle)
  • Upon a Summers Day

Set 5

  • The Merry Merry Milke Maids
  • Horses Bransles (then Sharks)
  • Sharks(Horses Bransles Variation)
  • Korobushka
  • Gathering Peascods

Set 6

  • Ly Bens Distonys
  • Grimstock
  • Saltarello La Regina
  • Millisons Jig
  • Rostiboli Gioioso

Set 7

  • Black Allemande
  • Amoroso
  • Newcastle
  • Goddesses

Set 8

All Requests, including repeat dances until ball closes

Set Intermission

Jenny Plucks Partners at the end of one set
For the event we do request for the patrons to book ahead, and do so please to adorabookings@gmail.com. For the prices please see below:
  • Members: $20
  • Non-Members: $25
  • Children < 15yrs: $10
  • Non Member Children < 15yrs:$15
  • Children < 5: FREE
  • Non Member Children < 5: $5
  • Door: $30
  • Non Member Door: $35
As above, please note the $5 surcharge for all non-members attending. The $5 is a per Event Membership Fee to cover Insurance for Non-Members. Alternatively, if you think you will attend more than six SCA events a year, an adult membership may be a more economical choice at a cost of $30 annually!

Newcomer’s feast of Adora

newcomers mapGood day all gentles, we seek to invite all to the feast of Newcomer's feast, hosted by the College of St Malachy, and the Shire of Adora. The day is expected to be one for all those who wish to find out and enjoy what it is to be a Scadian.
Date: Saturday the 21st of March Time: 5:30 pm (Please note the first remove will be served at 6pm) Location: 1st Dapto Scout Hall, 28 Baan St, Dapto. Costs:
  • SCA Member: $20
  • Non-SCA Member: $25
To book please email adorabookings@gmail.com  

Garb Up

Please note if you don't have anything to wear, there will be a tunic making workshop at 10am on the day to find out more please review the flyer here

Costuming Links



(The Elizabethan era was a time associated with Queen Elizabeth I's reign (1558 -1603))





General Italian

Middle Eastern


Useful resources for your first foray into the SCA!

SCA Newcomers Portal.
An introduction to all aspects of the SCA.
Newcomers Supplement.
A guide for newcomers to the society. It is quite old but still contains relevant information on the SCA, and a basic patterns for a tunic and surcoat.
Getting started with the SCA in the Illawarra.
If you'd like to get involved with the Shire of Adora, please contact our Seneschal for further information.

Feast of the Four Winds 2014

The Feast of the Four Winds for 2014 was held at Thirroul Heritage Hall on Saturday 22 November. I ran the feast as a "tavern", with a simple menu based loosely on foods that might have been served at an English tavern of the fifteenth century. I chose that period because it was the easiest to research - Martha Carlin published a handy article on Tudor eateries in the Huntington Library Quarterly in 2008, and there are plenty of good recipes in A Boke of Gode Cookery and Medieval Cookery. Earlier in the day, Katherne Rischer ran a calligraphy and illumination workshop, and Patri de Buck came down from Rowany to teach fighters how to use a longsword. Brian le Faucheer also took us through some dancing at the end of the evening. Around thirty people visited the tavern, having travelled from Adora, Agaricus, Stowe-on-the-Wowld and Rowany, including Their Excellencies Miles and Ameline, Baron and Baroness of Rowany. I hope everyone enjoyed the tavern and is looking forward to our events in 2015. Ælfred se leof, Steward

Digby’s Excellent Small Cakes

Brian makes these biscuits every year for the Flametree Ball. 3 c flour ¾ c sugar 2 ½ c currants 200 g butter 2 ½ tbsp cream 1 egg yolk ¼ t nutmeg 2 t sack (or sherry) Mix the flour, sugar and currants. Add the butter, cream, egg yolk, nutmeg and sack. Mix well, then put the dough in a dish, place it before a fire, and warm it through. Divide the dough into flat cakes about a hands' breadth across, and prick each cake full of holes. Bake at 180C for about twenty minutes. Source: The Closet of the Eminently Learned Sir Kenelme Digby Kt. Opened (1669), redaction from Cariadoc's Miscellany.

Meat & Rosemary Pies

I (Ælfred) adapted this recipe for the Flametree Ball 2012. The original recipe is for "game pies", but, for convenience, I used beef and made them in the form of a pasty. 2 sheets shortcrust pastry 400g beef (or other meat) 125 mL red wine 125 mL beef stock 1 large sprig rosemary (about 2 tbsp) ½ tbsp pepper ½ tbsp ginger pinch cloves pinch salt Chop the meat into small pieces, then cook it in the wine and stock. Drain the liquid, then mix the spices into the meat. Put the meat into pasties or pies and bake at 200C for 35 minutes. Makes eight pasties. Source: Sabina Welserin (1553), Recipe #66, redaction by Ælfred se leof.

Spinach & Cheese Tarts

Katherne cooked these tarts for the Flametree Ball 2012. The College of St Malachy has used the recipe for numerous previous Flametree Balls and Newcomers Feasts. 150g spinach, chopped 1/2 c parsley, chopped 2 tbsp chervil 1 tsp fennel, ground 5 eggs 150g cheddar cheese, shredded 150g mozarella cheese, shredded 1 nine-inch pie crust (shortcrust pastry) Bake the pie crust at 200C for ten minutes. Mix the remaining ingredients together and put them into the crust, then bake the pie at 180C for forty minutes. Cut into six equal portions. Makes one 9-inch pie. Source: Le Menagier de Paris (1395), redaction from Cariadoc's Miscellany.

Chicken Pasties Lombard

Alessandra cooked these pasties for the Flametree Ball 2012. These are an old favourite for Flametree Balls and other feasts. We usually make around a quarter of the pasties without bacon, and fold the bacon-free pasties differently to the bacon ones so that people can tell the difference. 2 sheets puff pastry 400g chicken, diced 1 egg, beaten 1 tbsp lemon juice ½ tsp ginger pinch cinnamon, ground pinch cloves, ground pinch cardomom, ground 1 rasher bacon Cut the pastry sheets into quarters. Mix the egg, lemon juice and spices. Dip the chicken pieces into the egg mixture and distribute them evenly on the pastry quarters. Cut the bacon into eight strips and place one strip on top of each quarter. Fold the quarters into pasties and pinch the edges together. Bake at 200C for 15-20 minutes. Makes eight pasties. Source: Medieval Cookbook